Reproductive Health

The Issue

Current Church teaching and on issues of reproduction and reproductive health forego the consciences of women and couples, the complexity of human situations and the reality of unjust social structures in favor of moral absolutes, thereby stigmatizing, alienating, and marginalizing women – and rarely, if ever, their male counterparts – who don’t.

What it Tells Our Daughters

Women hear about their transgressions – not their strengths – from the pulpit, and our daughters grow up uninformed about and ashamed of their bodies.

Building a Church for Our Daughters

Church for our daughters will not just teach that women’s consciences are worth listening to. It will listen to them.

We envision a church where women’s reproductive health is no longer hidden in plain sight.

In this Catholic world, all women’s reproductive decisions are respected—to prevent pregnancy or to have a child; the choice to continue a pregnancy, and the choice not to.

We envision a church that offers women—who now represent a disproportionate number of the people living with HIV—the means to protect themselves and choose responsible sex. It will not leave women to face the Zika virus alone, unable to prevent or end a pregnancy with serious birth defects.

No longer will anyone—especially the poorest and most vulnerable—sacrifice their dreams and their health due to the church’s ban on contraception. Nor will they die from unsafe abortion in places where choice comes at too high a cost.

Our church will not work against women’s health and rights. It will not expect women to endure so much. We want a church that can recognize when it is wrong and grow the way all organic things do.

Likewise, this church wants girls to grow up informed, not ashamed, about their bodies, so that reproductive choices are as natural as the other choices they will make in their lifetime.

Women will hear about their strengths from the pulpit, not about women’s transgressions.

This future church will not just teach that women’s consciences are worth listening to. It will listen to them.

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